Welcome to the Official Site of Sifu Derek Lui's Jing Wu Kung Fu Club


Traditional Kung Fu has been passed on for many generations as the key to a healthy and active lifestyle as well as developing a strong sense of self defence. our club has been established in the aim of creating an opportunity for the local community to embrace the Chinese Culture and develop an appreciation for Traditional Style Kung Fu. our style of Kung Fu combines hung gar and fut gar together (hard and soft styles)




 Kung Fu Master Derek Lui, was born and raised in Sheng Shui, Hong Kong. At an early age, he was a weak child, and had a poor immune system and was constantly on medication which had little or no affect on his ailments. At the age of nine he began learning Kung Fu with the local Kung Fu School. It didnt take long before he began to feel the benefits of the martial arts training. He found that he got bigger and stronger everyday and his immune system got better and he was less prone to illness. It was from that point on that he discovered and established an appreciation of the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts that is known as Kung Fu. He trained hard with the determination to achieve high levels of success through the knowledge of martial art





Sifu Derek has formed this club with the intention of passing on his knowledge of martial arts to generations to come. The pupils are given an opportunity to adopt an aspect of the chinese culture and explore the diversity of the Chinese Culture. These classes are geared towards pupils of allages, race, gender and ability. they are designed to promote good health, applied discipline and respect for others. Long term benefits of attending classes include health components such as improved flexibility, balance, hand-eye co-ordination and overall strength.